Seriously?! Thursday

Here I am linking up with From Mrs to Mama for the most awesomest Seriously?! Thursday.  Don't you look forward to this post ALL week?  I know I do.  It's my opportunity to vent or chat about the little things... the things too small to need it's own post about.  So here you have it... what made me say "Seriously?!"

Seriously?!  What is it with people... IRL and in the blogisphere saying, "It's Christmas season"?  Ummm, no it's not.  "Christmas season" should not last 2 months long... it's not a REAL season, just a holiday.  And, what happened to Thanksgiving... why is it a reject holiday?!  I seriously LOVE Thanksgiving... you can stuff your face and there's NO pressure to exceeds people's preconceived expectations.  But Christmas... eh.  Honestly, I was driving on November 1 and already saw like 5 billboards advertising Christmas.  Seriously?!  The commercialism, greed and materialism associated with Christmas has turned my stomach towards this holiday.  No, I'm not the grinch... but I may (or may not) work for him.  This sign via Pintrest from Nordstrom has found a way into my heart... and I love it.  Now Nordstrom, you may have my business this Christmas season, just for being so sassy.

Seriously?!  Today is a landmark day for me.  November 3, 2008 was a big day for me... one of the biggest days of my life actually.  It was the day I got a + sign and found out I was going to be a Mommy!  Later, at the end of June, I had my beautiful baby Marco in my arms and my life was changed forever.  Seriously, one of the best feelings EVER!

Seriously?!  I can't believe how difficult it's been to get people to enter my giveaway!  Oh, you didn't know I was having a giveaway?!  Well, here's the Link.  I don't know if people don't know that it's not a scam... maybe they think they'll get a bunch of junk mail?  But seriously, I can't believe it's because they don't dig the giveaway prize... it's stinkin' awesome.  For realz.  And, since it's "Christmas season", it'd be a great gift too!

Seriously?!  Marco does not let Jonas breathe.  It's the most frustrating thing ever.  He is always tackling him, knocking him over, picking him up, shoving his face into the floor, grabbing his arms, etc.  And I know that he just wants him to be able to play at his level... it's not that he's being mean.  But seriously? Come on already!

Seriously?!  Remember how I had a major car accident at the end of September?  If not, check it out here. Well, finally the insurance companies made their decisions... and it was to do nothing.  Nothing.  The guy who I crashed with claimed that he was not backing up, but rather stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross... a blatant lie.  And, even though the police report states that he was in fact backing up, the insurance company is backing him up.  So I let the lady have it... I told her that she and I both knew that I was getting screwed here and if there wasn't some sort of compromise I was going to have to call my attorney.  I don't even have an attorney.  This is a huge pain in the @ss!  And, to top it all off, they delivered my destroyed car to my driveway, so now Marco has a constant reminder of what happened.  He can't peel his eyes away from the damage.  He's traumatized.  I seriously hope this all gets resolved quickly.

That's all for today!  What made you say "Seriously?!" this week?



Heloisa said...

Nicole !.... there is the trade in the U.S. is absurd ... Christmas in Brazil
is not that much, although we are in a city that is much too large and purchasing power, the Christmas festivities begin only in December .... OK, one month is full of madness because of the large trade exists at this time .... but as for thanksgiving?? there is no such celebration ... and nobody has a clue what it is! is amazing ... in fact we give thanks for all the family and give thanks for the birth of Jesus every day of our lives ..... how about that wonderful day today ..... THANK YOU LORD! !
And so we live our lives on ... time passes and these are blessings that we should support!
a kiss!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

I hear you on the Christmas thing...can we just get to THANKSGIVING first!?!??! I made our Christmas cards already but the will not be sent til Dec! haha

Awe I love that this is the day you got your + sign!!! Best day ever!! Okay that, and the birth day!! Makes you want another....right!!!!:)

OMG I remember reading that post about your car...are you freaking kidding me that they delivered it and its sitting in your drive!!>!>>!>!