The First. The Last.

There's nothing quite like your first.

You are stunned by the world he is discovering each day.  You nudge them, just a little, towards bigger and better things.  You delight in all his "big boy" activities and beam with pride when he shows kindness, maturity and intelligence.  You can't wait to see what's next.

There's nothing quite like your last.

You are excited for the world before him, but still trying to grasp at the past.  Since you know he's your last, you want to savor each moment and not rush.  You delight in his baby ways, giggle at his baby talk and beam with pride when he finds his nose, says ay-you (thank you) and falls on his bottom.  You're holding on as long as you can.

Lucky for me, I have my first and my last.  I'm content.  I'm complete.


Shawna said...

how true! :-)

Callie Nicole said...

This is such a sweet post Nicole, and I've been saving it my reader until I had time to come tell you so. I'm so nervous about having my last, nervous I'm going to cry when they start to grow up. :-(