#marchphotoaday {1-10}

Joining in again this month for the photo-a-day challenge.  You can follow along daily with me on Twitter (@NicoleTableFor4) or Instagram (NicAvesani).

Here's a look at the new challenge.

Day 1: Up
Taking the elevator up.

Day 2:  Fruit
Old bananas.

Day 3:  Your Neighborhood
We are the first house on a cul-di-sac... I love that tree in the center.  It has a few swings on it.

Day 4:  Bedside
My essentials: My Kindle, medicine and glass of water.

Day 5:  A Smile
My hot pink lips.

Day 6: 5pm
Happy Jonas waking up from his nap.

Day 7:  Something You Wore
All my clothes on the floor before my shower. 

Day 8:  Window
At Panera

Day 9:  Red
Matching sippy cups.  Red for Jonas, blue for Marco.

Day 10: Loud
The most beautiful instrument I have the great privilege of playing each week at work.  Truthfully, it's not loud... it's perfect.


Stephanie Doyle said...

You are so good at keeping up with the photo of the day. I always have good intentions, but I space out throughout the day :/

Danielle-Marie said...

I see London, I see France...I see Nicole's UNDERPANTS! And Advair. Love that shit.
Haha. Sorry, had to.