Ask Me Anything!

Hello everyone and welcome to March!

I've got nothing really planned for this month... just more of the same.  Just two things: First, Jonas is getting ear tubes put it on on the 7th.  That boy has had too many ear infections in his short life and I'm hoping this will help stop them.  And secondly, we will be on our own for 10 whole days while my in-laws travel for Spring Break.  A true family of 4!

So I know my blog has been a little quiet lately... and the material has been a little weak.  I apologize.  I started off the year really strong but lost my energy in February... I wrote 10 posts less in February than in January.  And my stats proved it.  Not that it's all about the numbers... but bloggers know, it kind of IS about the numbers.  Of course I do this for me and for the boys... but I also do it for you!  If not, then I wouldn't bother with making it look pretty, hosting giveaways and such.  My readers are what keeps me going!

I am happy to welcome 3 new followers!  I am always elated when I have new people following!  And I also love reading and replying to each of your comments (so long as your not a no-reply commenter... then I CAN'T respond!) 

So I thought I'd kick the new month off with something I've seen other bloggers do when they're feeling a touch of writers block.

Ask Me Anything.

Go ahead... ask me anything!  What are you curious about?  What dirty details do you want to know about me?  What haven't I ever answered before that you'd like to know?  I will try to answer every question... not much shocks or embarrasses this girl!
Of course, I will reserve the right to NOT answer a question that I feel is inappropriate or would compromise my relationships... but you kinda figured that already.

And now, I eagerly await your questions...

{I'm a little nervous}


Leslie said...

I think I saw on one of your earlier posts that you used to live in Greenville. Are you talking about Greenville, South Carolina? If so, my husband and I lived there, too! My daughter was actually born there, and then when she was six weeks old we decided to move back to Michigan to be closer to family. Ha - not too exciting of a question, I guess!

S said...

I hope the little man is ok and his tubes go well!

As for questions: How do you and hubby find time for each other with TWO little ones running around. I'm exhausted with just one and just want to sleep at night.
Also, sleeping through the night. Anything. GO.

Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole ....
As you saw, I have written to you in Portuguese.
I thought it would be better to write in English by the translator must twist the words .... it is ugly and I am ashamed ... but if you think not, tell me okay?
I was wondering if you guys want something, food, etc. .. here in Brazil? (I would love for you guys to come too)
A kiss on children, I will pray for Jonah far everything is going OK right?

Callie Nicole said...

Hmm, okay . . . if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? What's your favorite movie? Book? Do/did you have any pets, and are you a dog or cat person?