The Nail Files: Gelish

Today I'm linking up with The Nail Files again.  But not just to show you my new color, but to also share an experiment I've been conducting.

The Nail Files

Two weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a mani.  This is a rare occurrence, so I wanted to do something to make it last.  I chose to apply the special hardened nail polish, Gelish.  Gelish is applied in the same way as regular nail polish... they don't have to thin out your nails first or anything... the only difference is that your nails have to dry between each coat, so the whole process takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

It's twice as expensive as a regular mani... I paid $30, but they say it'll last 2 weeks, maybe even 3 if you're careful.  And guys, this to me is worth it.  Like I said, getting a mani is a rare occurrence, so if I can make it last longer, I'll do it!  On me, a regular mani usually looks good for 4 days.  Then it starts to fade and chip... by day 8, it's a complete mess and I've picked most of it off.  As you probably know, I do not live a life of luxury... my hands are always doing something... changing diapers, bathing children, washing dishes, buckling car seats, cooking... all things that chip precious nail polish.

But that's not the case with Gelish.
Day 1.  Nails are perfection... super shiny and hard.

 Day 8.  Nails are still perfect, cuticles are getting a bit dry, but overall still pretty perfect.

Day 13: One down, 9 to go.  Yup, that was it... it started coming undone on one side (probably because I was on the phone and absentmindedly gnawing on my nail) and next thing I knew, I had ripped the whole layer of polish off.  The other 9 nails look good... no chips.  The only thing is that they're growing out and there's a little gap by the cuticle... you can kinda see it on the middle finger.

So overall, it didn't last the full two weeks... but it's totally MY fault.  I think it could last between 2 and 3 weeks.  It's still shiny and beautiful. It's worth the extra money if you're like me and rarely get the chance to go.

But when you go, you HAVE to pick a color you wont get tired of.  I'm already bored with this color.

So there you have it... my Gelish Experiment is complete.  And sorry I don't know the name of the color... kinda forgot to look!


Stephanie Doyle said...

I've gotten it done a few times and loved it!! But you're right about choosing a color because it's gonna be there awhile!

Kimberlee said...

Oh wow it lasted a long time! I personally like painting my own nails and I change them too often to commit to 2 weeks :)

tara said...

that lasted a pretty long time! i like to change my nail polish often so i always do my own nails!

Vicki said...

I contemplated getting gelish manicure but I tire of colors too easily