The Tree on Our Street

Living with my in-laws has it's perks... aside from not paying rent! haha.

We live on a beautiful street... we're the first house on a cult-a-sac.  In the center of the cult-a-sac is a beautiful, enormous tree and green grass surrounding it.  It's a little piece of paradise.

There's a basketball hoop that the neighborhood kids play at on weekends.  There are also three swings hanging from the tree.  We never really go over there just because since we're at the end of the street, we don't really feel like it's our territory.

But all that has changed recently.

One day while Jonas was taking an extra long nap, I decided to head on down over there with Marco.  It was early enough that most of the houses were still empty.  We had the baby monitor on the ground and ended up playing there for over an hour!

The tree is beautiful, and under it's shade it's breezy and delightful!  I pushed Marco on the swing and then he pushed me.  I taught him how to climb up into the tree and he played with sticks and rocks.  We swung together and tried to touch toes.  It was a great day!

And since that day, we've been back several times.  I no longer feel like it's not "my territory".  Really, who's going to say something to a kid that's just playing nicely?  And if anyone ever does, I'll just play dumb... "oh, I thought this was for ALL the neighborhood kids".

We really love hanging out under that tree.  It's like having a quaint little park in our front yard.