#marchphotoaday {11-20}

Today I share with you my second installment of the March Photo-a-Day challenge.

I must confess that this is becoming more of a chore than fun, so I'll be skipping April and maybe I'll get a second wind for May.

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Before we get started, let's view the challenge.

Day 11:  Someone You Talked To Today
I talk to Jesus everyday.

Day 12:  Fork
You all know this has got to be Marco's favorite utensil.  He'll eat ANYTHING with this fork... even broccoli... ok, maybe not broccoli. 

Day 13: A Sign
I took this picture earlier in the year while visiting the zoo.  I thought it was gross, random, but above all, hysterical!

Day 14:  Clouds
I was lucky enough to be at the beach on this day.  Stunning.

Day 15:  Car
"Lighting Da Queen", as he's referred to by Marco, is definitely the most important car around here!

Day 16:  Sunglasses
My sexy man wearing his sweet sunglasses... rawr!

Day 17:  Green
The outside of an Irish pub, as we drove by.

Day 18:  A Corner of Your House
By far the messiest AND funnest corner of my house.

Day 19: Funny
I found this to be truly hilarious... look at the warning on the bottom right.  How can I NOT eat raw cookie dough.  Even to suggest such a thing is simply preposterous!

Day 20:  Before/ After
Bible study notes. 


Danielle-Marie said...

Wow, good for you for keeping up on this. I suuuuuuuck obviously. Lightning "Da" Queen is pretty important in our house too ;) And I agree, how can they even suggest I not eat cookie dough RAW? Is there any other WAY?