Kony 2012

Kony 2012... it's all anyone is talking about this week.  And here I am talking about it too.

If you haven't yet seen the video you must.  It's 30 minutes of captivating and heart breaking information. If you can't watch it right now, then come back later and be sure to do so.  

This video hit the web on Monday and today (Thursday evening) it has over 27 MILLION views.  The power of the social network.  And that's exactly what activists are putting all their hope in. 

After watching this video on Wednesday evening, I became overwhelmingly sorrowful... broken and shattered.  All I could think about was how badly this world is broken... and how much we need our Savior to come.  I could not believe that in a world with SO MUCH, this horrific behavior is allowed to go on... for 30 years!   

As stated in the video, if this happened to ONE child in the US, it would be all over the news and people would be outraged... but because it's all the way in Africa, we don't think of it.  Or if we do, we don't think we can do anything about it.  Basically, if it's not happening in MY backyard, I don't care.  

That's wrong. 

We need to care about WORLD issues... and what's more important than the CHILDREN of this world?  And the US turn their eyes away because they don't have anything to lose... Kony isn't threatening the US's security or finances.  Sadly, the world doesn't run on morality... it runs on politics and economy.  And this, it sickens and shames me.  This "amazing country" has the resources and POWER to help children all over the world... so why not these?  Why is it ok for us NOT to care?  

I think about my own children.  I know that we live in a truly amazing country, where I can tuck my kids into a warm bed, in an airconditioned house, with full bellies, go into my own room and sleep soundly knowing that they'll be alive, well and THERE in the morning.  The parents in Uganda do not know such luxuries.  On any given night, their children can be abducted and forced into slavery.  And there, it's common. 
So what can I do?  What can YOU do?  I'm outraged, yes, but I can't take a plane and fight myself.  What CAN I do?  I can do what I'm doing.  I can write about it, talk about it, share it and spread it.  I can be annoying as hell to Congress people and force them to get their asses in gear.  I can be outraged and demand the US to get involved because it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO!  And you can do that too.

Visit Kony2012, sign the petition, join the virtual fight and annoy the crap out of all our Congressmen.  And most of all, let's not allow this to be a fad... let's remember what we're doing until it comes to fruition.  It's really the LEAST we can do.  

**If you are in Miami and would like to Cover The Night on April 20, Mauricio and I will be participating.  We'd love to team up together to make a big impact.  Message me and we'll set something up!**


Danielle-Marie said...

You already know I agree with everything you've said. You make some great points. Doing something is better than doing NOTHING.

jessi ♥ said...

It breaks my heart, to even TRY to imagine what those parents go through night after night. I'm anxious about a lot of things, but I'm thankful that I don't need to be anxious about THAT. Spreading the message IS important, even if people don't agree with donating actual money to the charity.