He Said

Marco is at such a wonderful age right now. He's speaking much more and very intentional about what he says. You can literally see the wheels in his mind turning. So here are a few things we've enjoyed hearing him say lately:

I decided to wear a skirt one day, instead of my usual jeans. Marco looked at me pensively and said, "Mama, are you a princess?". So sweet. I just laughed and said, "yes, and you're a prince". To which he shook his head laughing "no mama, I'm not a prince... I'm a boooooyyyy".

Every evening we have to give Marco his nasal medication. It's no big deal... Just one squirt to each nostril. So when I ask him if he's ready to take his medicine, he replies without fail, "nah, maybe later though"...

Marco has always been ok being left in childcare of any kind. I leave him at church, MOPS and BSF and he loves it. And when I return to pick him up, he tells everyone, "hey guys, my mom is here. My mom is here to get me!". He says "my mom" like a teenager! When did he get so big?!

We have an Xbox Kinect. You are able to talk to the Xbox with commands and you don't need a remote. For example if we want to watch Netflix, we just say "Xbox, Netflix" and ta-da is starts. So Marco tells me how I should do it... Because I don't already know. He says, "mama, say Kabox, nexfix...GO".

This kid is too cool for school.  He's a feast for my eyes.  I'm falling deeper and deeper in love.

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Unpolished Parenting said...

This is such a fun age! :) This weekend Hailey started holding up her hand, palm up, and saying "Come on Mommy!" It's the cutest thing (to me)!