So Random Saturday

Seems like a good day to let out a few randoms...

1.  I start this post in the dark, on my phone. It's 5:45 am and Jonas woke up about an hour ago crying in his sleep. Now I can't get back to sleep because my brain won't shut down... So here I am... Writing. (if only it was productive).

2.  Already planning a wicked awesome father's day present for my hubs. What? Too early? It's only 6 months away... And if I plan on getting creative I'm gonna need time, people. I have very few crafty bones in my body, so if I'm gonna do this thing right, I need a little room for error- and fixing. I get my inspiration from pinterest (of course). I can't say any more because Mau is a sneaky one but if you want the inside scoop you'll have to comment or email. Sqweee!!

3.  I have been stuck reading the same book for a blog review for 3 weeks now. THREE weeks! It's totally throwing off my reading groove and slowing down my plan. If I plan on reading 40 books this year, I can't be stuck on the same one for this long. This book is simply draaaaaaging and I'm annoyed.
this is not me, by the way.

4.  Today we hit up the Chocolate Festival at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. And I plan to get wasted... On chocolate. Yes sir.

5.  Tonight I will go on a "proper" date. Excited. We're going to leave the kids with the in-laws early. We'll be attending a concert at my job, a faculty recital, and then having some dinner at the Grove. Yay!
just a joke...

6.  And speaking of said "faculty recital"... I'm not performing... This year. I joined too late to hop on board for this year. But next year? Oh, you know it... And I'm gonna let my DIVA out. She's been hiding for far too long!

7.  There's a new app that's rocking my world. When we lived in Greenville we attended this amazing church called NewSpring. The pastor, Perry Noble is so real and relatable. And he's really speaking the truth of Jesus. He convicted me in each message. Well now, they have developed an app that contains all his messages!!! You can either listen to them or watch them and they're all outstanding. I've been listening to his messages while cooking or driving alone and it's rocking my world. Loving it! Download it guys, you won't be sorry!

8.  Sometimes I call Marco "punk" or "punky". I don't mean to call him "punk"... I'm just shortening "pumpkin" and since it's too difficult to say "pumpk", it comes out sounding wrong. People give me faces.
this is not my child...
9.  Jonas squeals every time Marco gets near him or touches him or lays on top of him. That's his self defense mechanism... I get it. But do you know how frustrating it is to hear the squealing all day long? 8/10 times he's totally over reacting. It causes me two reactions. First, I want to beat on Marco a bit... Just sayin'. Leave your brother ALONE!! And second, it makes me want to tell Jonas to toughen up! Don't be such a wimp! Gosh!  But I know, it's just brotherly love.

10.  Thats all for today. Hope you all have a happy weekend!!!


jessi ♥ said...

When I can't fall asleep after being woken up, I also blog! :)

Shawna said...

Hope you had fun on your date!

On another note, I'm mailing your boys' shirt tomorrow...enjoy! :-)