Potty Training: We Got It!

I haven't posted about our potty training saga in a while because, let's face it... it was a hard and long battle.  But now, my friends, I'm happy to report that I think we've got it!

I also wanted to provide an update because when I look at my stats, the potty training posts are viewed often.  In case you missed the past ones, here you go:

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Since my last post, we got back on the horse and got strict with the underwear rule.  You know, I had just gotten lazy and started putting Pull Ups on him all the time.  Well, is there a difference between a Pull Up and a diaper?... uhhh, no.  So, it was me this time that had to put on my big girl panties and deal with the PITA that is potty training.

But you know what... after a few days, it got better... and then after a few weeks, even better.  Now, he only wears a Pull Up to sleep for nap and night time.  Other than that, he is in his big boy undies 100% of the time... regardless of where we are.

Does that mean that sometimes we have to made a mad dash to the bathroom?
Does that mean that sometimes he fakes me out and says he has to go when he really doesn't just for attention sake?
Unfortunately Yes.

But it'll get better.

He's really excited about his underwear.  He's got Cars, Mickey and Yo Gabba Gabba ones.  He tells me every day that he wants to wear "unnerware".  I can now use the diaper as a consequence... like if he doesn't want to pee before we leave the house then I tell him we'll have to put on a diaper and he'll be like a baby.  To which he quickly repsonds that he's "the big boy, not the baby... Jonas is the baby".  And he pees!  Success!

He's also pooping on the toilet... he runs and tells me he has to go and then does.  And when he's done, he says, "Mama cleans da booty, Marco cleans da pee-pee." LOL

Granted, he still has accidents here and there... if I forget to remind him.  But sometimes if I put him on time out he'll pee himself... I think this is manipulation.  He's paying me back for putting him on time out.  Hmm.

Overall, I'm really pleased with his progress.  I know he's not "fully" potty trained until he sleeps with and underwear too, but I'm really impressed!

And we're saving loads on not having to buy diapers every week... because we really only use 2 Pull Ups a day, so we go through a box in a month!  Yay for savings!


jessi ♥ said...

Crafty little bugger with the being during time out Lol!

jessi ♥ said...

Ugh, peeing. Damn autocorrect lol