I think I'm gonna have to change my blog name... because lately it's been more about me (and my health) than my kids.  Oh well.  It's what's on my mind, so there ya have it.

So anyway, as you read in my last blog post, I've decided to start working on me.  I need to stay healthy.  This body requires a LOT of maintenance... and not for vanity's sake.  This means that I needed to make appointments to see all the doctors that I've been putting on the back burner... like the Gyno, the Dentist and the ENT.

Yesterday we went to the ENT... all 3 of us.  I wanted to recheck Marco's tubes, and verify that one of them had in fact fallen out.  I needed to schedule poor Jonas to have tubes implanted since he had 5 ear infections last year.  And I needed to have my ears checked too, because I've had an ear infection for two and a half years.

Yeah, you read that right... 2.5 years!  Serious procrastination here, people.  You're learning from the best.

But honestly, I hadn't procrastinated THAT bad... I had been to see an ENT before getting pregnant with Jonas, but since I was breastfeeding he couldn't treat me.  The medication is so strong that you can't be breastfeeding with it.  And since I later got pregnant with Jonas, followed by breastfeeding him for 12 months, here we are.  Actually I technically could have gone in September when I quit breastfeeding, but cest la vie.

So, as I said, I took care of it yesterday.  The PA almost went pale when he looked into my left ear.  I knew it was bad, just not that bad.  I haven't had any pain at all, but I have had lots of drainage and hearing loss.

You'd think the hearing loss would get me to a doctor, right?  But no... I'm a stubborn one.

We did a hearing test and I can barely hear from my left.  It was bad.  But the good news is that it's completely reversible.  Apparently my ear is trying to hear, and instead of hearing outside noise, I only hear inside noise... like my blood rushing, my heart beat and my breathing.  My ear is clogged from the outside-in.  Once the clog is cleared, by massive doses of antibiotics and steroids, my hearing should be restored.  Yay!

The infection actually lays in the cavity between my ears... like behind my nose IN my face.  And it's pushing outwardly through both my ears... but my left has taken the biggest beating.  I can't believe I've had an infection IN MY FACE for that long and it hasn't eaten out my brains yet.  Dramatic? yes.

And, hearing is kinda important for a musician, ya know?

I'm looking forward to hearing again.  I wont have to tell my husband to whisper into my "good ear".  I wont have to hold the phone on my right anymore.  I wont have to pretend to have heard what you said and just smile and nod.  I wont constantly be saying "huh?" anymore!

PS. I'm going to start posting a "look back" to help any newcomers to my blog get to know my story better.  So if I post on the same day as I have in the past, I'll put a link at the bottom of my post.  Enjoy!

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Danielle-Marie said...

I actually created a second blog, specifically for me and my thoughts, that are not so "mommy" related.

"I can't believe I've had an infection IN MY FACE for that long and it hasn't eaten out my brains yet." <---- HA HA HA! I burst out laughing when I read that.

But in all seriousness, HOLY FUCK A 2.5 YEAR LONG EAR INFECTION!?