I'm a Winner!

During the holiday season, pretty much every blog I follow was offering some sort of giveaway.  It was awesome.  I decided to try for most of the things I saw because, for one, it only takes about a minute to sign up... and two, what's better than new stuff?  I'll tell ya... FREE new stuff!  So I tried for a lot, without any expectations what-so-ever... but, I won!  3 times!

Today I decided to share with you some of the goodies I won as well as say a huge THANK YOU to the blogs/shops that provided their giveaway.  You should go check out the blogs/shops too because they're pretty awesome.

1.  Design By Any Other Name, hosted on Book Nook Club

I signed up at Book Nook Club (for which I review for... check it) for their amazing giveaway by Design By Any Other Name, who was giving away a square inch plate with an engravement of your choice.  The pendant could be made into a keychain, a necklace or a bookmark.  I chose a keychain, so I could sport it all the time.  I decided to engrave one of my favorite verses, that brings me comfort as a constant reminder.  And I love it.  She did a super good job with it.  It's well made and made to last.

Find her shop on Etsy and Facebook!

2.  31 Purses, hosted by Mrs. Mommy

The next giveaway I won was hosted by Amy, who blogs over at Mrs. Mommy... head over there for some cuteness overload!  Amy sells purses for the amazing 31 store.  I have been coveting these bags for a few years now and I was over-the-moon excited that I actually won one!  I've heard wonderful things about this company, as a whole, and I know of many SAHM's who pursue it and do quite well.  I guess it's easy when the product is so versatile and practical.  The cool thing about these purses too, is that it's a great excuse to host a party... and as a hostess, you receive freebies.  I'm telling you, if I lived by Amy, I'd be having one, for sure!

Amy was hosting this giveaway on her Facebook Page.  She does that sometimes, so it behooves you to join.  She was giving away a cinch thermal tote.  This is the perfect lunch bag.  It's cute, small, practical and keeps all your stuff fresh.  It's really perfect for one person, but I've managed to fit all 3 of our lunches in there when we go picnicking.  It's my new "go to bag".

Find Amy at her Blog or her Facebook Page!

3.  No Paparazzi Please, hosted by Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I signed up for this giveaway super fast... only tried once and thought for sure I wasn't going to get it.  But I was so pleasantly surprised when Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun emailed me saying I won the giveaway hosted by her Etsy shop, No Paparazzi Please.  (Head over to Shawna's blog for double the cuteness!)  On her spare time, which is scarse I'm sure, Shawna hand makes shirts that are all sorts of adorable.  Since she has girls, she has THEE cutest girly stuff... but, I was so pleased to find that her boy stuff is just as cute.  She has a lot of personalized items that would be great for birthday pictures and such.

I decided to get two shirts... one for each boy.  And thankfully they were "on sale", so she gifted them BOTH to me!  Soooo generous!  I got the shirts in and could immediately see that Shawna's stuff is GOOD quality... she stitches the design to the actual shirt so that it's reinforced and looks legit.  It doesn't look flimsy or cheap at all.  I can't wait to get my boys in their "work shirts" for our next outing.

This was the best I could do with out impromptu photo shoot.  I'm telling you, toddlers are the worst!

And now Jonas is "monkey see, monkey do" with Marco, so since Marco was slouched, he was too.  The worst I tell ya!

 Find Shawna on her Blog or on Etsy!

Thank you ladies, I love my goodies!


Shawna said...

Cute Cute...glad you liked the shirts! ....and I think there is something suspicious going on with you for sure...how do you have such awesome luck to keep winning?! :-)