My Teenaged Toddler

Did you know I can see into the future?

It's not too difficult... when your toddler acts like a teenager.

Marco decided yesterday that he did not want to wear the shirt I had picked out for him, so he wanted to wear NO shirt with jeans.  Here he is... stuffing his face with a candy bar that he snuck out of the kitchen.  A teenager, I tell you.

Then later that evening, he went into the living room and packed his book bag full of blocks. Then he came over and put on his socks and shoes.  Our conversation continued like this:

Me- Marco, what are you doing?
Marco- I'm going bye-bye.
Mau-  Where to?
Marco- I'm going out to the car.
Me- Who's car?
Marco- Mama's car.
Mau- So you're going outside to Mama's car?
Marco- Yes.
Me- And where are you going?
Marco- uhhhhhhhhh
Mau- You're not going anywhere unless you tell me where you're going...
Marco- To play with blocks with friends. Ok?  Mama, give me big kiss.
Marco- Papai, big kiss.
Marco- Ok, I love you guys.  Bye guys.  

Then he proceeds to walk to the door and unlock it.  The chain was on, and he wasn't able to open it.   So he came back.

Marco- Mama, get up.  Come here.  Help Marco.
Me-  You're going out?
Marco-  Help Marco open the door.
Me-  But what about your brother?  You don't invite him to go with you?
Marco-  Jonas?  Come play with friends?  Let's go. 

Then he holds Jonas hand with one arm, and his book bag with the other and walked off. 

I swear it was the cutest thing I've ever seen and I'm kicking myself for not having my phone handy to take a picture.  

But seriously... what is this?  Can you not hear this EXACT conversation occurring 12-15 years from now?


Mrs. Mama said...

haha so cute!

S said...

Aside from the mental picture of this exchange, the best part was probably reading Marco speaking in the 3rd person haha! What a cute story :)

Unpolished Parenting said...

Adorable!!! But I'm thinking it wont be as cute when he's a teenager "Mom. Car Keys. Now." :P

jessi ♥ said...

Haha that's adorable!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable!! I can only hope my girls do things like that!!! Love it!!

Danielle-Marie said...

That is hilarious! Toddlers. They are such characters.