School Daze

It's that time of year... school registration.  Yeah, that's right... in JANUARY you have to commit to deciding if/where/when you'll be putting your child in AUGUST.  Seems a little soon, I agree.

But, alas, that's how it is.  So, at the end of December I began my search for a school for Marco.  Truth is, Marco has no NEED to go to school.  I am not going back to work and Jonas will not be going to school either, but other factors have come into play.

For one, Marco really, really, reeeeeally wants to go to school.  Every time we pass by a school he asks if that's "his school" and if he can go play with his "friends in there".  He doesn't know what school is exactly, but he knows it's a lot of fun and he's excited... and that excites me!  I want him to be over-the-top excited about all things school.

Another reason I feel it's a good time for Marco to start school is that I would like some time alone with Jonas.  So much of my time, resources and energy are spent on Marco and I know Jonas often gets the short end of the stick.  I know I've dropped the ball with him a bit... I'm just not as available to go back to basics with him.  For example, he doesn't yet know his animal sounds.  Wow, big deal, right?  I'm sure he'll still get into Harvard without knowing that the cow says "moo".  But... like... he should.  I just haven't had the time/patience to go back to basics.  It seems like we're always more focused on whatever Marco is learning.  Maybe if I get a few hours of me and Jonas time, without Marco, we'll be able to correct some of that.

So those are my BIG reasons.  But I'm not ready to commit to a 5 day full time program.  I just don't think it's necessary.  Since I'm not going to work and there's no real NEED, I think that that'll be too much, too soon.  Plus, although I want to be alone with Jonas, I don't want to take Marco away from Jonas too much either.  They're kinda attached to each other.

I've been in a big time school daze.  Trying to find a program that is semi-close to the house, affordable, Christian, 3 day and part time.  That's a long list to check off.  I seriously called a ton of schools to find one that met my desires and guess how many I found... ONE.  ONE.  So, that made my decision easy, I guess.

We toured the school a few weeks ago, just me and the boys, and Marco was beyond excited.  He got in the classroom, began playing, talking with the teacher, looking at all the books and bins and he KNEW that it was all for him.  I felt really good about everything and everyone that I talked to.  The place is super kid friendly, gorgeous, clean and organized.  I feel good about it.

And yesterday we went back for their open house.  I took Mauricio and Marco.  As we were pulling up, Marco was screaming, "Loooook, it's MY school"!  He went right on in, with confidence.  He was showing Mauricio all the cool things he had seen the time before, like the play ground and the kitchenette.  He said "thank you" to the teachers... and of course, they all melted.  (who wouldn't?)

So I'm biting the bullet.  Paying the $200 registration fee today and reserving his spot for a 3day part time (8am-12) K3 class beginning in August.  And I'm really excited about it.  I can't wait to see him all ready for school... wearing his little uniform with his book bag.  OMG, I'm gonna have a melt down.

{For privacy purposes, I will not be revealing the school of our choice over the blog, but if you're interested for your own searching purposes, please feel free to contact me and I'll share my information}


Shawna said...

I had completely forgotten you asked a question about school on my blog! I'm glad you figured out a good fit....I bet he'll love it!

Things are a little different in my area. Here everyone attends public school (for the most part) and Raya will start 3 year old preschool in the fall just like Sawyer is doing this year. It's 2 days a week for only 2 hours in the morning. Basically just to get the used to the idea. Then 4 year old preschool the next year is 3 days a week jsut in the morning as well. Then kindergarten! I also don't put a lot of emphasis on school this early...but I'll only be paying like $70 a month for 2 mornings a week of pawning off one of my children. Sounds like a deal to me! ;-)