I Gonna Go To Publix

Marco loves Publix.

For those of you who are unaware, Publix is a supermarket located in the South East.  And it's pretty great.  They're tag line is "where shopping is a pleasure"... and really, it IS a pleasure, most of the time.

Marco thinks it's a pleasure ALL of the time, especially since they give kids a complementary cookie.  He knows this... and exploits it.  He asks everyday if we can go to "Puglits" and when we pull into the parking lot, he screams, "See it?!  Mama, see it?!  It's Puglits... PUGLITS!"

He made up this song to express his love and devotion for Publix.  And I think it's adorable.


Ingrid said...

I'm pretty sure my heart just exploded from the cuteness of this video. He is so precious!! This video just made my day!