So Random Saturday

Here we are again, guys.  It's Saturday!  Yay!  And time for me to burden you with all of the random thoughts that are too incoherent to make entire posts about... ready? ok!

1.  Today marks a whole month that I've been working!  Awesome, right?  Well... not so much.  I've been working every Saturday for a half hour.  Yep, that's it.  Now, would YOU take a job if they told you it would only be for half an hour, one day a week... no? Didn't think so.  But, that's the way building up a music studio is... slow and steady.  I only had ONE student.  So, although it would take me over an half hour to get there, a half hour to get home, and I was only actually WORKING for a half hour, I did it.  Because that's how it works.  Be committed, be consistant, be reliable, and "if you build it, they will come".  So today, I actually got ANOTHER student!  Yay!  Now, I'll be working for ONE hour a week! The worst part is that if I get the hankering for a Starbucks on my way home, I've pretty much just spent the entire profit of what I just made.  Oh, geez.  I just gotta remind myself, it's not about the Benjamins.

2.  Yesterday we decided to go check out a new church.  The church is far... really far... like 50 miles, far.  But Mau has been listening to this pastor's sermons for a few years now and has always wanted to go, so we figured, why not?  We don't really care that it's far... we'd be willing to make the drive.  After all, the disciples walked across continents for the sake of the gospel... what's 50 miles while sitting in my air conditioned car?  But 50 miles each way with two kids... oh boy.  We had a plan though.  I was going to pack up the kids and meet Mau at work, which is about 1/3 of the way there.  Then we'd drive up together, have dinner, attend the service, drive back to Mau's car and drive home separately.  Good plan?  All was in place.  I loaded the kids into the car at 4:40 and we were at Mau's job by 5:30.  But Mau got caught up doing some last minute stuff and didn't actually leave the office til almost 6!  By then we only had 1 hour and our drive would be at least 45 minutes AND we had to eat!  As we pulled onto the expressway, which is anything but express, we realized it wasn't going to happen.  We were then stuck in traffic for another hour just getting back to Mau's job... which we had just left.  We ordered a pizza on the way home and called it all off.  All in all, we were in the car from 4:40-8:00 going a whole lot of nowhere.  Moral of the story?  Miami traffic SUCKS!

3.  I'm getting fat.  Since moving here in August, I have NO LIE, gained 30 pounds.  Granted, 30 pounds I desperately needed, but STILL.  I'm ready to stop gaining now.  The thing is that living here... in my in-laws house... is horrible.  My sweet MIL buys all the junk foods I love.  And guys, I am a real junk food junkie.  I'm all about chips and cookies for lunch and cake for breakfast.  When we lived in Greenville, we didn't have ANY junk food in the house because we were on such a strict budget that we were just buying the necessities.  While we still only buy the necessities, my MIL now buys the extras.  And I have NO self control.  Also, in Greenville, I lived in a 3 story house and my butt was walking up and down the stairs all day long... not here though.  Here I walk my butt from my bed to the couch and back again.  Food increase+exercise decrease = fatty. 

4.  Everyone keeps saying that they can't believe January is almost over... but I feel like this month has completely dragged.  Has anyone noticed this month had FIVE weeks?  I'm just anxious because we're trying to stay within a really tight budget, and as the days get closer to the end of the month, our budget numbers are getting closer to their max... and some have even overflowed.  We experienced more month than money this month.  We each have an allowance of $100 a month to spend on miscellaneous stuff... like lunches, starbucks, stamps, etc.  So far this month, I've spent $71.84!  Sounds ok, right?  But it's stressing me out!!!  I can not wait to be done with this month so my allowance goes back up to $100 and I can try again.  I downloaded This App to help me keep track of every penny.  

5.  Jonas is 16 months today... what the whhhhaaaat?!  Fond over his cuteness.  Such an angelic picture... be not fooled. 

That's all for this weeks episode of So Random Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Ciao. 

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Danielle-Marie said...

I feel like we had to really stretch our pennies this month too. Maybe because of the 5 weeks, maybe because it's the month following Christmas. Ready for January to be over, definitely.