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Well, here it is guys, the last of our Mother's Words of Wisdom series.  Today we feature Allie from Table For More.  I actually found her blog because it was so similar to mine.  It used to be Table for 3... but then she got pregnant again, so it became Table for 3, Actually make that 4... but then she got pregnant yet again... so there you have it... Table For More.  Now she's free to have all the babies she wants without having to change her blog name over and over and over again!

Allie is terrific.  She's got an awesome blog that I love reading every day.  She also has two adorable little boys, around the same ages as Marco and Jonas, so we've got a lot in common.  But now she's having #3... another baby boy, Jude!  She is always doing cute things with her boys... things that I never have patience to do.  She is always baking... making me drool.  And she's got a rock solid relationship with her hubby.  Check out her blog, but first read her post as she talks about being a REAL housewife and mom!

When Nicole asked to guest post about being A Real Housewife. 
I of course first envisioned my obsession the actual "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
{I love them all though...New Jersey...Orange County! I'm IN!"
Well I am sad to say I am not ANYTHING like them...
The only thing I have in common with those ladies is kids.
Okay let's be serious some of them do not even have kids but whatever.
I am a REAL housewife, just not in the reality sense.

Let's start by me introducing myself.
I am Allie, I am in my mid 20's. 
I am married to an amazing {hunk} named Jordan.
We have 2 little boys {Vincent 2.5, and Luke 17mos} and
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with {you guessed it} another boy named Jude.
I blog over at Table for More 

Nicole asked me to cover "How I do it ALL" and 
it's tough because my answer to that is " I DON'T!" 
But let me clarify that....
I do it all just not in a super organized fashion.

I used to think being "supermom" was the way to go. 
To always have a plan and to live by that plan.
But once I went from 1 child to 2, everything changed.
I NOW had two little men to fit into that plan, 
I tried to keep a schedule and all it did was stress me out.
Nothing would time out how I wanted and it was frustrating....
By trying to be perfect, I was turning into a hot mess. 
I seriously could not sleep or function for that matter those first few months
after Luke was born. I was creating a MONSTER in myself...
I had had enough of trying to keep it all PERFECT. 
It was doing more harm than good and I was focusing on silly tasks that 
really did not matter. 
Who cares how perfectly clean my house was.
Who cares if the dishes pile up for 1 day. 
What mattered was me and my boys...
I switched to a new way of doing things...
Just winging it!:)
I found myself to be much happier by throwing out "my idea of perfection"

Alright here we go...
The boys never wake up at the same time every day, sometimes Luke is up first
and sometimes Vincent is up first. Usually both are up by 9.
{Thank God they are both great sleepers}
I am blessed to have an amazing husband who is such a great help with our kids.
He is in sales and works from home so a few days a week I will have
him here with us, he makes a killer breakfast when he is home!
Yay, for NO COOKING!
Like I said, I pretty much just "wing it" when it comes to our daily "day" routine.
One day I will wake up and feel inspired to bake, so we will bake. 
Some days are gloomy and we will stay in our PJ's all day.
Some days we are adventurous and head out to play or shop.
Some days we have play dates, thank God for mommy friends to also keep me sane:) 
It was a little more difficult when we had just Vincent to come up with ideas for ALL DAY, 
But now he has a brother to play with and it rocks!
I clean and cook while they play most of the times. 
Laundry gets done when it gets done {can you tell I despise laundry}
My oldest, Vincent does not nap, so I usually let him help me around the house while Luke naps.
That or we will just hang out and have some one on one time. 
Some days I am very productive on household chores, 
and others NOT.SO.MUCH.
I guess that probably has a lot to do with having zero energy from pregnancy.
I figured that once school starts we will have a schedule to keep 
so for now I just want to enjoy the freedom of doing whatever we want.

The night is where we actually have some "structure"
{That and Sunday for Mass, no exceptions for these}
We always eat dinner and do our nightly prayers as a family.
The boys are also in bed by 8pm.
After 8pm it is our time to unwind....
I focus on things I cannot do during the day...
Things I love...
Like party planning, my reality shows and blogs! 
I feel like having the nights to "myself" is what really helps, 
I can walk away from the day and just relax and get ready for the next day!:) 

I guess my secret to doing it all, is just winging it. 
At the end of the day if you are happy, then you are doing the right thing.
Just because Sally down the street is perfect and sticks to a schedule does not mean a thing.
Different things work for every family.
But that is my secret and I am sticking to it!:)


Callie Nicole said...

Completely agree. We like to "wing it" around here too, even though I only have one to handle for now!