#febphotoaday {11-20}

Here we are with the second installment of the February Photo-a-day challenge.  In case you missed my first set, you can check it out HERE.

I must say, I was a little bored with this set... just not interesting or fun enough.  You'll see.
But first, here's a reminder of the challenge days.

Day 11:  Makes You Happy
Can anything make me happier than my children?  Yes... my sleeping children!  But seriously, beautiful right?

Day 12:  Inside Your Closet
This is sad.  Since we're living with my in-laws, Mau and I share a closet... and it's filled mostly as a storage unit.  Our clothes are crammed together and space is so limited that if we get something new, we must get rid of something old.  I don't ever want to hear any of you complaining about not having enough space... EVER! 

Day 13:  Blue
The beautiful blue skies in Miami.  One of the perks of living here. 

Day 14:  Heart
I thought this was sweet for Valentines day.  

Day 15:  Phone
Had to make this one interesting, so I used Jonas' phone as inspiration.

Day 16:  Something New
I almost didn't have anything for this one.  I don't buy new things every day!  But then the book I won from Book Nook Club arrived just in time!

Day 17:  Time
My favorite time of day... nap time!  (also see Day 11). 

Day 18:  Drink
Was so late on this one.  I actually had a pretty glass of wine but forgot to take my picture.  So here you go... my last drink of the day.  "Whoa, someone get me a glass, cause I just found myself a tall drink... of waaater" (anyone watch Tangled?  Anyone?)

Day 19:  Something You Hate To Do
I really do hate brushing my teeth.  Most boring 4 minutes of my day.  But I promise I still do it... twice a day... every day.  

Day 20:  Handwriting 
I don't love my handwriting.  It's sporadic too.  This is my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) homework.  Intense. 

There you have it!  If you'd like to follow along daily, you can follow me on Twitter (@NicoleTableFor4) or on Instagram (NicAvesani).  Check back in on the 29th for my last installment of #febphotoaday!


Shawna said...

Great pics! I"m totally jealous of those blue skies!!