He Said

Funny things Marco has said lately:

I put Marco on timeout for deliberately pooping in his pants (it wasn't an accident).  He was crying hysterically.  So when his time was up, I went in to his room and very seriously,
"What did you learn?"
I wanted to hear "I do caca on the toilet only".  But that's not what I got.  He looked at me with confusion and said
I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

Marco loves the movie Tangled... (so do I by the way).  He goes up to Mauricio every day and says "Papai, you want da princess hair?" It wasn't until last night that we finally understood what he wanted him to do.  He wants Mauricio to put the blanket on his head so that it's draped down his back like "long princess hair".  And what a pretty princess he would make!

When I tell him he's gonna get a spanking, (pow-pows), he replies,
"No Mama, I don want pow-pows... dey hurt".
Yeah, kinda the point there buddy.

He's also a complete know-it-all, and argumentative like no other... a teenaged toddler.

My mom and I were driving with the boys in the back and yapping away like we always do.  Jonas was sleeping soundly, but Marco was listening intently to every word.
My mom said "... you know, because you live in Miami..."
Marco interupted her and said, "NOOO... we live in MY-ami".

Yesterday Marco and Mauricio were counting together...
16, 17, 18, 19...
Mauricio paused to allow Marco to have the big finish.
Marco said "TWELVE-TY"... wrong and strong.
Mauricio corrected him... "No Marco, it's TWENTY".
And Marco corrected HIM, "Papai, it's TWELVE-TY, ok?"

And lastly, another poop story because it's too funny not to share.
Marco is obsessed with Cars paraphernalia.  OBSESSED. So when my mom found the Huggies wipes in Cars packaging, she had to buy it for him.
He always says, "I need my Cars wipes for my nose and my booty".  But he says "Boody".
So the other day, Mauricio announced that he was going to the bathroom.  To which Marco generously offered, "Papai, you can use my Cars wipes for your boody".  LOL!

Stay tuned for more funny antics from Marco... I'm sure there's bound to be more!