Peanut Butter Heart

Sometimes it's the little things.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make my lunch sandwiches.  She'd make my PB&J's and always tell me she was putting extra love in it.  She'd take her knife and smooth a heart into the peanut butter before sticking the jellied bread on top.  When I ate it, I always knew there was a heart inside... with all of my mom's love.

When I went to high school, she'd still make my sandwiches... and still draw in the heart.  Even though I was way too cool for that "kid stuff", I still secretly loved it.

When I went to college and would come home for lunch, she'd stand in the kitchen and make my PB&J's and even still draw that heart inside.  By this time it was a force of habit.  And I still loved it... it was my secret heart.

Today while making a PB&J for my boys, I remembered my mom.  I asked Marco if he wanted extra love in his sandwich, and drew it a perfect peanut butter heart.

While he ate it, he knew it was there.  His secret heart, with all of his mama's love inside.


Lindsey said...

This is the sweetest EVER!!!! I love things like this!! You're a fabulous mom!!!

Danielle-Marie said...

That's soooo cute! My mom used to leave notes in my lunch box :)

Anonymous said...

The thinks you learn about your own kids and how they perceive their world. It's special to know that inside they feel your love and are comforted by us.