Happy {valentines} Mail

Ever since seeing THIS BLOG via Pinterest, I've been dying to send my own "Happy Mail".  I decided that Valentines day would be the perfect unexpected holiday to surprise my friends's daughters with a little love.

This was so fun and inexpensive and I think it really brought a smile to their faces!  Who doesn't love receiving mail?  But add to it a bottle FILLED with fun goodies... now that's awesome!

And, not many people know you can just put stamps on an empty water bottle and toss it in the mail... I know I didn't until reading the Giverslog.  So fun.  Imagine opening your mailbox and finding "happy mail"... ahhh, so exciting!

Here's what I bought.  All from Target dollar bins.
~ Pencils
~ Heart erasers
~ Jelly stickers
~ foamy word stickers (love, hugs, kiss)
~ glittery heart stickers
~ those bracelets that are shaped like things (I forget the name).
~ poms

Then I shoved it all into a water bottle, slapped a cute label on it and *voila*.  We have "happy mail".

I weighed them and they came in at just about 3oz... according to USPS, that's 5 stamps.

All in all, I spent under $10 to make both these gifts and hopefully I made two little ladies very happy on Valentines day.

Did you notice that these gifts are actually from Marco and Jonas?  My little casanovas.  I had nothing to do with it... really.


Danielle-Marie said...

Super cute! Checking the blog out now!

Al said...

What a cute idea! Glad to have found you today!


Shawna said...

That's a great idea!

Lu said...

Hello! This is your new penpal :) I will be sending u a letter ASAP, its a bit crazy here at the moment. great Valentines idea - hope the girls enjoy them!