Sock Saga

As a mom of boys, I knew I'd have a lot of struggles.  Messiness.  Spills.  Dirty faces.  Fist fights.  Broken bones.  ER visits.

But I never thought that one of my struggles would be clothes. 

I was always under the impression that boys didn't care too much about their dress and thus, I could choose their adorable man clothes with ease.  I was wrong. 

Marco is becoming increasingly more difficult each morning, afternoon and night when we are choosing clothes.  We have increased our wardrobe changes from 2 times a day to 3 because now he refuses to nap in his day clothes and wants to choose his "nap clothes".  He is always concerned about having to get dressed and goes through his closet and drawer a million times a day.

My bestie thinks I shouldn't give him an option... just tell him what he's going to wear and smack him if he defies me.  Easier said than done.  I've tried... really, I have.  But fighting does not get us ready and out the door any faster.  We are all in a better mood if I just allow him to choose between a few options and we get going. 

The biggest problem and my biggest frustration is with socks.  He puts on and takes off and changes his socks a ton of times per day.  He'll go to sleep with one pair and wake up with another... he must be sleep sock changing or something!  I can't find a bunch of socks because he'll take them off and leave them wherever... the car, his toy chest, his bed, the bathroom, under the table, outside... you name it!  So we have a bunch of mismatches.  But what I've now realized is that he LIKES the mismatches.  Because it's not cool enough to wear ONE pair of socks... no no no, he wants to wear TWO at once.  

We have a bunch of Toy Story socks, Cars socks and assorted sports socks.  So if he wants to wear his "Soccer Basketball" socks, that means ONE soccer and ONE basketball sock.  If he wants to wear his Cars sock, they have to be different so he can sport as many Cars characters as humanly possible at one time.  And my all time favorite... Toy Story.  He has to be sure that he's wearing the "friends", so he has to wear one Woody and one Buzz sock at the same time.  

Do you know what this does to my laundry sorting?  Or the state of the drawers?  Pure and utter chaos and confusion! 

Tell me it gets better.  Tell me they out grow this.  Tell me my sock saga will come to an end.  Or should I just buy plain white socks from now on?


Callie Nicole said...

That is so funny and cute! I love it.

Heloisa said...

hahaha....é engraçado isso! olha só, ele tem esse DOM...e isso é muito bom! por enquanto, deixe Marco combinar suas meias! faça uma caixa bem legal e escreva "MEIAS", e ensine ele a separar as sujas das limpas! quando ele for maior, ele irá separar suas meias e roupas e irá organiza-las também...tenho certeza!
Vou mandar algumas meias do Brasil para ele!

Danielle-Marie said...

LMAO. Marco sounds so particular just like my Landon. And I'm like you...I go with whatever makes all of our lives easier. If it were me, I wouldn't bother matching socks up anymore. As long as their feet are warm right?!