The days are long.  Oh, so long.

The tedium of the small tasks, the day-to-day, becomes a chore.

Consistently disciplining, correcting, instructing is exhausting.

And then it happens...


Throughout this week, I've been puzzled.  Who in the world is this child and where is MY 2 year old?!  Marco is transforming.  I don't know if it's because he's almost 3 or if he's just "getting it", but something strange is going on here.

No fights during bed time.  No fights during nap time.  No fights about having to go to the bathroom.  No fights about getting in the car.

If you asked me what my mothering mantra was, I would say, "Listen and Obey, Right Away!"  That is something I repeat to my children a hundred times a day.  And in the last few days, he's done just that... he's listened and obeyed RIGHT AWAY!

Let me give you an example from yesterday:
Yesterday morning, I heard the boys wake up over the monitor.  Marco hopped into Jonas' crib, as he usually does, and they began playing together.  Except I didn't hear any screaming coming from Jonas... Marco wasn't torturing him today.  When I walked in, after snoozing for 15 more minutes, this is what I saw:
My children... MY children... sitting side by side, reading their books. CALMLY.  What?  Who are these kids?!

Marco then got out of the crib and told me he was ready to get dressed, he went through his drawer, picked out his clothes (approved by me) and went to the bathroom to pee and dress... by himself.  By the time he was done, I was also done with Jonas so we came out to the living room for breakfast.

As I prepared their breakfast, they played with their toys and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They were playing so nicely together, that I was even able to go dress without them... in peace... unheard of!  Once I was done, I came out and gave them their breakfast and we were off to my MOPS meeting.

Marco got in the car and began buckling up.  And when we arrived, he held Jonas' hand in the parking lot and helped walk him to his class.  On the way home he told me about his time and as soon as we got home he went to his room to "get dressed for his nap".

He ate his lunch and watched a tv show.  When the show was over, I told him it was nap time, to go turn off the tv.  All he said was, "ok, mom" and he did as told.  Then he told me he wanted to pick up his toys before his nap... ummm, ok.  And he did.  Then he went to bed, really quietly as to not wake Jonas, snuggled up, and said "I love you, mom".

And here I am... in total shock... writing this post.

I am so proud of him... of what kind of person he is becoming.  And I'm SO proud of myself!  I MUST be doing something right.  And I know kids are like waves... one day is bad and the next is good.  I'm bracing myself for the storm.  But in the mean time, I'm going to relish the peacefulness.  I'm going to bask in it.

It's really rewarding to see a payoff.

Mothering sometimes feels like an uphill battle... but when there's a plateau, it's time to relax, enjoy, breathe.

I am reaping the fruit of my labor.  The labor is excruciating... but the fruit is oh, so sweet.

And breakthrough?  It feels good.


Shawna said...

How cute are they reading together?! :-)

Stephanie Doyle said...

Yay!! You are doing such a great job with your boys. Dedication and repetition eventually pays off :) Glad that you had a breakthrough! :)

Danielle-Marie said...

What a good little boy! Landon's going through a difficult couple of weeks. But this gives me hope :)