PSA: No-Reply Comment Bloggers

There's nothing that a blogger loves more than a sweet comment.  I mean really, when I write a good post, pour my heart into it and then in comes support, love and advice from other friends... it makes my day!  But the problem occurs when I have no way of responding to those sweet comments.  I'm blocked.  Conversation is cut off.  Game over.

Now here's what happens.  You post a comment on my blog and I get an EMAIL notification of that comment.  The best way for me to reply to your comment is to email you BACK.  It would be pointless for me to "reply" on my own blog post because chances are, you are not going back there to read it again.  But often times I would like to reply, if even just to say "thanks for reading".  But I can't... because you are a:

"No-Reply Comment Blogger"

What?  You didn't know you were?  Well... you probably are.  I know, don't beat yourself up about it... I was a "No Reply Comment Blogger" too until I read someone else's PSA about it.  And now here I am telling YOU that you have the very same problem!

Here's how you can know if you are a "No Reply Comment Blogger".
1.  You comment and never hear anything in return.
2.  You start to think that everyone is giving you a cold shoulder.
3.  You believe you're not in the "cool crowd" of the blogger world.

Really, it's not true... You ARE cool, and we're NOT giving you the cold shoulder... it's just that you have not enabled your email address.

So here's my step-by-step guide to help you figure out this dilema...
1. Go to the blogger home page.
2. On the very far upper right hand corner, should be your picture, your name and a drop down menu.
3. Drop down that menu and click on "Blogger Profile".
4. Click on the big orange button on the top right that says "Edit Profile".
5. In the next page that comes up, be sure that the box that says "show my email address" has a tick next to it.
6.  Then look below to "email address" and be sure your email address is correct and visible.
7.  Click save... and done!

If you don't feel comfortable putting your personal email, then create one for blogging and forward it to your main (I can also share with you how to do that if you need help).

Seriously, I can not tell you HOW MANY wonderfully sweet comments I receive each week that I can not reply to... it's such a simple fix.  Just check your account now to be sure you're not a "No Reply Comment Blogger".


Mrs. Mama said...

great tutorial! i hate when i cant reply to bloggers!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the tip!

aitonainen said...

Oh Goodness! Thank you for posting this...kinda wondered why I didn't hear back from anyone, and now realized one little check mark was missing. Ugh. All fixed.

Thank you! :-)

Danielle-Marie said...

Voila! Fixed it! Thank you :)

Megan Wille said...

Does the same thing work if you add a link to your own blog when you post? I use a Google+ profile. I leave a link to my own blog at the bottom of comments. Hopefully that allows you to find me to comment :)

Oh, I'm stopping by from the UBP12 :) I enjoyed your blog and look forward to getting to know you more. Many blessings to you!

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