Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Linking up today for the Ultimate Blog Party!  Wooo, so fuuuuun!  Who doesn't love a party? (other than my husband... haha).

If you're visiting from the link up!  HIIII! My name is Nicole and this here is my little slice of the blog world.

I live in Miami and I'm a SAHM to my two beautiful boys, Marco and Jonas.  They're only 15 months apart and life around here can get... well... insane.  But I love it and I love them!

I've been married to my amazing (and sexy) husband for nearly 5 years now and we still have soooo much fun together.  He's my very best friend.

I am struggling and learning to become a better mom and wife, while living with two rehabilitating deseases, but by the grace of God, I am able to.  Sometimes people tell me I'm "Super Mom", but no... I'm not... I just serve a "Super GOD".

This is my family... my Table For Four.  Come in, have a seat and enjoy!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012


Conni Smith said...

I'm glad you joined in the UBP12! Your boys are adorable!!!


Jenni Ryan said...

Your boys are such cuties!! Glad to see you joining for the UBP! Hope you have a great time partying!


It would be difficult to care for your (adorable) family when dealing with illness.

I am hopping over from UBP. Happy party week.


Danielle-Marie said...

HELLO hawt Mama! Great pics of yourself. Definitely going to be joining this ultimate blog party tomorrow!

Cascia Talbert said...

Nice to "meet" you! Just dropping by from The Ultimate Blog Party I am looking forward to networking with you and getting to know you better! I hope you have the opportunity to visit our blog! http://www.thehealthymoms.net/2012/04/ultimate-blog-party-2012.html