Cheeky Monkey Gifts Giveaway!

I think I love hosting giveaways more than actually participating.  There is something so exciting about offering the CUTEST product and then waiting for someone to win and love it!  So when Tara asked if she could do a giveaway on my blog, I jumped on the opportunity!

Tara has been a friend of mine for some years now and she's really creative.  She has decided to start putting her creativity to good use and offer a unique product to moms and soon-to-be mommies!

Here's a little from Tara herself:

As a stay-at-home-mom of a toddler with another on the way, I've always struggled with not being able to provide financially for my family.  I know that I am doing an even more important job by raising our kids, but I needed to do something more tangible as well.  I tried selling different products through direct sales companies but nothing ever worked for me.  I decided that I needed to find something I was already good at and make a business around that.  That is how Cheeky Monkey Gifts was born!

So many friends of mine were having babies at the same time and I always liked to bring diaper cakes to the baby showers.  They are much more personal that just bringing a new mom a box of diapers, but they are still practical at the same time.  My cakes always got great reactions so I decided to start selling them. My business is just getting off the ground and I'm really excited about all the possibilities.  I can do something I really enjoy and help provide for my family at the same time, all while giving my kids the best start I can by staying at home with them. 

Why Diaper Cakes???
Diaper cakes make a great gift for a new mom, they are made entirely out of products that you can actually use, although they are so adorable that you'll have a hard time deciding to disassemble them!

Our baby shower favors- washcloth lollipops, mini cakes, diaper cupcakes- let you decorate your next baby shower with something your mom-to-be can use afterwards.  The mini cakes make great table centerpieces and the diaper cupcakes can even be made into place settings if you're throwing a more formal party.  The washcloth lollipops make great favors for your guests to take home. 

Our smaller diaper cakes also make a great alternative to flowers to bring to a new mom when you visit at the hospital.  When I had my son, I was bombarded with flowers at the hospital, which were nice but I was then burdened with trying to take them home without spilling water in the car, finding a place for them, and then eventually getting around to throwing them away long after they had wilted.  A diaper cake never wilts and doesn't require any upkeep. 

It's the perfect gift- lovely and useful at the same time!

So now... GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Tara has graciously offered one lucky winner a box of 4 diaper cupcakes!  Seriously, how stinkin' cute is that idea?  I can just imagine myself going to the million many babyshowers I have lined up with a box of those bad boys!  What a hit!  And, did you see the bear bike?  Holy cow... cuteness overload!
4 Ways to Enter, 5 Chances to Win!!!

1. Be or Become a public follower of my blog.
3. Tweet about the giveaway (please include @NicoleTableFor4)
4. Post about the giveaway to FB (please link post to Cheeky Monkey Gifts page)
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Danielle-Marie said...

I have two babyshowers to end his Spring! I'd love to win :)

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

How cute is this!!! I love making diaper cakes! I've never attempted diaper cupcakes before though... I'm following your blog via GFC now. ;)
Hope you're having a great day.