Your Questions... Answered

Back in March I opened up my blog for any questions that my readers might have about me.  I left it open for over a month, so that I'd allow ample opportunity to get the questions and have time to answer them.  I'm here today to do just that... give answers to your burning questions!

1: Lesie from Pretending to Be a Grown Up asked:

I think I saw on one of your earlier posts that you used to live in Greenville. Are you talking about Greenville, South Carolina? If so, my husband and I lived there, too! My daughter was actually born there, and then when she was six weeks old we decided to move back to Michigan to be closer to family. Ha - not too exciting of a question, I guess!

Yes! I did live in Greenville, SC.  We moved there at the end of 2008 and lived there until August of 2011.  Both my boys were born in Greenville Memorial.  We enjoyed the kid-friendly environment there, but like you, decided to move closer to family, in Miami... which is where we now live.  

2: Suzanna from Already Right Where I Belong asked:
How do you and hubby find time for each other with TWO little ones running around. I'm exhausted with just one and just want to sleep at night. 
Also, sleeping through the night. Anything. GO.

Well, honestly, there isn't a lot of "us time".  But we don't mind... we enjoy being together with the boys.  We do go out on dates for all special occasions and a few times in between.  But mostly, we do simple things... texting throughout the day, watching tv together, going on car rides while the kids nap, etc... It's about staying connected in whatever way works for you.  Remember that this is just a temporary stage and soon enough you'll have more time for each other. 
And sleep? haha.  That should get easier too... eventually.  I can say that my husband is amazing.  Now that I'm done breastfeeding, he gets up if the kids are crying or whatever.  He lets me sleep.  But babies and their sleep is really unpredictable... and it goes in stages.  You need to decide how you're gonna handle it (cry-it-out, bed sharing, etc) and stick with it.  Consistency is key!

3.  Callie Nicole from Through Clouded Glass asked:
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? What's your favorite movie? Book? Do/did you have any pets, and are you a dog or cat person?

Hmmm, well, I really haven't been to THAT many places so I can't way I'd love to live anywhere in particular.  My husband and I always joke that we'd love to move to Australia to get away from everyone, start fresh and go to HillSong Church! haha... I'm joking, but I think he's serious!  
I have lots of fave movies... Some of my favorite ones are Home Alone 2, Planes Trains and Automobiles and When Harry Met Sally.
My favorite books obviously change based on my age, life circumstances and what's "hot'.  I can tell you that one of my favorite books from the Bible is James.  But of other books I'd highly recommend 1984 and The Book Thief.
I do not have any pets, nor do I ever WANT to have any pets.  Yes, I'm cruel with a heart of stone... cry me a river.  I always say that I clean up enough poop all day long and I don't need to add one more to my work load.  But, if I ever DID get the urge (not likely), I'd definitely get a dog.  Cats are horrible! (Sorry cat-lover followers). 

So there you have it!  If you have any MORE questions for me, please feel free to ask!  Thanks to those 3 lovely ladies for picking my brain a bit! 


S said...

Thanks, doll! It's always nice to know that what seems so crazy is actually normal :)

Danielle-Marie said...

I think it's really nice that you and your husband enjoy your time together, even if it includes the boys...and also that you do simple things and are still happy. That's true love.

Australia would be amazing!

Stephanie Doyle said...

I think you're hubs is onto something, Australia and Hillsong church would be amazing!! And yes, cats are horrible.

Leslie said...

That is too funny - maybe we crossed paths somewhere along the way. Anna was born at Greenville Memorial, too. My husband worked at BMW and we always talk about how we probably would have stayed if our family was closer, although sometimes living in the South felt like an entirely different country! P.S. thanks for the last post. Changed my settings right away!