This is the second post in a new series I'll be occationally writing which shows all the Pinterest recipes/crafts/activities I've actually put into action.  Pinning is fun and doing is also fun... most of the time.

You can see my last post here.

I had to LOL when I saw this pin from a blogger... it is sooo me.

Anyway... here we go:

1. Butternut Mac-n-Cheese

I'm on a recent mission to trick my kids (and myself) into eating more veggies.  They love butternut squash, but if they SEE it the way it is, they wont eat it.  But if I HIDE it, it's all good.  This is sooooo yummy.  The kids ate it up... including all the leftovers.  They ate it for lunch almost the entire week!  The only thing I would change would be to cut down on the cheese to allow the butternut sweetness to come out more.  Did it look as good as the picture?  Yes!  This one is definitely a keeper in my house!

2. Cheese Stick Bites

I thought this would be a super easy and quick afternoon snack for Marco.  And ideally it is.  Only, it's not quite right.  Only after I began did I start reading all the comments in the blog post with ways to alter the recipe so that it's better.  For me, the breading didn't stick to the cheese... the milk isn't "adhesive" enough.  Maybe using an egg would be better?  Also, when they were in the oven, they flattened out like little disks.  But were they good?  Uhhh, is meltidy soft cheese ever NOT good?  Ok then.  Did it look like the picture? Not at all!  I think we can keep this one and just alter it to try and make it better.  It's really a great idea.

3.  Chicken and Spinach Flautas

I LOVED this recipe.  Of the three featured here, this one is the winner!  It's a little involved... has a few steps, so I definitely recommend making it for YOUR family only... not for too many people or you'll be rolling these puppies up all night!  Overall, it was EASY to make... just time consuming.  But oh, so worth it.  They were DELISH!  Did it look like the picture?  Exactly!

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Till next time... Happy Pinning!


Shawna said...

Those cheese stick bites look really yummy!

Danielle-Marie said...

I bought everything to make the butternut mac-n-cheese for dinner tomorrow. It looks really yummy. I'd definitely try the cheesesticks again using an egg. I can see why milk wouldn't allow the breadcrumbs to adhere as well.