Who's MY Doppleganger?

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

There's THIS SITE that has you upload a photo and it'll pull up your celebrity doppelganger.  I was intregued.  I'm never told I look like celebrities.  Often people will ask me if I have a sister or something, because I "look just like her", but no.  Never celebrities.

This was fun.  You should do it! And link up with A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers.  So here we go:

I started with my profile picture that I use for my blog, twitter and facebook.  This is the face YOU know.
And here were my results:

So #1 was Cate... I'll take it... don't love it, but it's ok.  #2... Katherine, ummm yes please.  If only I had that bod too.  (ps, my husband thinks she's easy on the eyes).  But for real... #3 Colin Powell... really?!? Now that's just plain MEAN! 

Then I decided to pull from an older picture, so I chose one of both Mau and I from about 6 weeks after Marco was born.  They tagged Marco's infant face too and he just got a bunch of bald old men! LOL!

Here are my results:

I'm ok with any of these options... #4 not soooo much, but it's still ok I guess.  But do I think I look like ANY of these? No. Not at all!

And now for my poor poor handsome husband.  This was the best of the bunch, I swear, and 3 of them are women!  What can I say... he's got a pretty face! 
I don't think Mau looks anything like Kevin Spacey.  In fact, in our younger days when he wore his hair long, I thought he looked a lot like:

Wishful thinking?  What do you think?

So anyway... my results were inconclusive.  Mauricio is Orlando Bloom... it's been decided with or without the computer generation! haha.

Which celebs do YOU think we look like?


Danielle-Marie said...

I'd say for you, Eva Longoria or Kiera Knightley. Your husband, I'd say Andre Agassi only the with hair version haha.

Allie said...

Hahah I said the same thing about Colin Powell when I look at the pic, really?!! You are way hotter than him! Doppleganger my ass! Hahaha

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, this is funny! I didn't know they had a website for this!

I can't say who I think you guys look like, but Nicole you've always reminded me of someone, and I just can never put my finger on it - I'll let you know if I ever figure it out!

People tell me I look like Amy Adams - I think even more so if they have talked to me in person - I think we talk in a similar way or something . . .