He Said

We were in the car and we heard a song that said the word "Heaven"... Marco thought it said "Kevin"... and here's the conversation that followed:

Marco: Kevin?!  That's my cousin's name!
Me:  Baby, it said Heaven... with an H... not Kevin.
Marco: What's Heaven?
Me: Heaven is the place where Jesus lives in the sky... Do you want to go there?
Marco: (pensive) No...
Me: Why not?
Marco:  No, I'm too tired to go to Heaven...
Me:  But Marco, that's where Jesus lives... don't you want to meet Jesus?
Marco: (appalled) I don't know him!

It's a hard concept for a 3 year old...
We were in the car and Mauricio and I were talking, when Marco invited himself into our conversation...

Me: Ugh, I really need a haircut.  It's been almost a year since I had one...
Marco: Mom, you can't have a haircut... you're not a little boy!
Me:  Oh, so only little boys can have haircuts?
Marco: Yeah, when you grow up and become a little boy, you can have a haircut.
Me:  But Marco, I am grown up... and I'll never become a little boy.
Marco:  But MoOoOm, you wont fit in the chair!
We were in the car (are you noticing a pattern here) and Mauricio and I were talking again, when Marco invited himself into our conversation... again...

Me: Where are we going to dinner?
Mauricio:  I don't care... I'm not gonna eat anyway because I had a big lunch.
Marco:  Daddy, you ALWAYS have to eat... You have to eat so you can grow up big and strong like me.

Our very own words haunt us.
Mauricio works at a company that designs seats for high-end jets.  But to simplify this for our children, we tell them that "Daddy makes the chairs for the airplanes".  The only real connection Marco can make with this is the scene from Toy Story 2 that takes place on a plane.  So when we call him while he's at work, the conversation sometimes goes like this:

Mauricio: Ok, well I gotta go back to work...
Marco: Ok Daddy, go run after that plane real quick... Ride like the wind Bullseye!
One day I was asking Marco which movie he'd like to watch...

Me:  Would you like... Toy Story?  or Lion King?  or maybe... The Incredibles?
Marco:  Yeah!  Maybe The Incredibles!

So now... The Incredibles is officially called "Maybe The Incredibles".  He only always calls it that.