Raising Boys (Points 11-15)

Today I will continue my analysis of this article I found via Pinterest.  It describes 20 things you never knew about raising a boy... and seeing that I'm raising 2, I thought I'd compare it to my real life experiences.
I discussed the 5 first points here.
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11. You'll Learn Not to Compare Your Son to Girls
I was at a friend's house.  She has a little girl about 5 months older than Marco... and she's sweet, kind and smart.  My friend had the idea to do a craft with the kids.  So she sat her daughter and my son down, gave them the craft supplies and instructed them on how to do it.  As her daughter worked, she was able to sit calmly and work thoroughly... my son however, was up and out of his chair 5 seconds after starting.  He knocked over the supplies, threw them on the floor, licked them, ran around a bit and was satisfied with letting her finish it for him.  My friend (who was then pregnant with a boy), looked up at me with horror in her eyes... "Is this how boys are?".  To which I gave a solemn nod, "yes".  It's true that if you compare your sons to your friends daughters, you will want to cry.  Just don't do it.  They're wired differently, so you can't compare.  It's like apples and oranges dinosaurs.

12.  Star Wars Takes Over Earlier Than You Expect
Ok, so for us it's not necessarily "Star Wars".  I'm not a fan and while Mauricio likes it, he's not die hard about it like most men.  Our children have not seen or been exposed to much Star Wars yet, although Marco does have a shirt that he loves because it's his "space ship shirt".  He is, however, a space lover.  He loves to read books about boy astronauts or look at rockets.  He thinks all of that is coooool.  In fact, we were thinking about decorating their new room in a rocket theme, until we had to change the color.  But "Star Wars"?  Not yet.  Remember in my last post I said he thought a light sabre was a fishing pole... we're just not there yet.

13.  You'll Probably Make a Trip to the Emergency Room
So far we've dodged the bullet on this one.  Actually, we've only been to the ER once (click here for all the gory details)  for Jonas, and he was only 8 months old at the time, AND it was Mauricio's fault.  Luckily, with all the jumping, running, hitting and falling that my boys do on a minute-by-minute basis, we've never had to go to the ER.  But even just writing this makes me a bit nervous... you know that we're overdue.  It's like it's coming, it's right around the corner, but we just don't know when.  I have a friend (who blogs here) and has 2 crazy boys.  I think they know her by name at the ER.  For a mother, it can be nerve wrecking, but it sure does make life interesting!

14.  Sports Obsession Can Be Hardwired
Yup.  I even see it with Jonas, he's always yelling "BAAAALLLL".  Marco has always loved playing sports.  Right before he was 2, he would chant "Ba-Ket-Ball", so for his 2nd birthday, we did a BasketBall themed birthday.  During the Heat games, Marco and Mauricio chant "Let's Go Heat!" at the top of their lungs and Jonas joins in with his version, "BA-BA-BOO".  He insists on wearing his "Basketball clothes" for his naps every.single.day, which consists of a tank top and soft shorts.  It's another one of those things that's just ingrained in their very souls.  And, they want to be just like Daddy... so Basketball and Soccer are the favorites.
15.  Pee Will Be Everywhere.  Everywhere.
Don't worry... pee is not everywhere.  But it's enough places that it just doesn't phase us anymore.  Any time Jonas is naked, he runs into a corner and pees somewhere.  Mauricio says he's like a little puppy.  Marco loves peeing outside and anytime we go to the pool, I think he spends more time peeing outside the pool than actually playing in it!  So yes, boys love their penises (or is it peni?) and love peeing everywhere.  Fun times... especially the clean up!

Can you relate?  Tell me how!


Callie Nicole said...

I'm just catching up on blog reading and I'm enjoying these posts Nicole! I love reading your thoughts and stories on each point!