Potty Training: Year One Complete!

I just realized yesterday, we've already been into this potty training thing for a year now! We started potty training Marco on August 9 of last year!

But potty training, for a little one, especially a boy, takes lots of time.  There will be accidents for years to come.  There will be days where he gets more pee on his pants than in the toilet.  There will be days when he'd rather pee his pants then interrupting a good game outside.  I know that.

But in a whole year, we've accomplished a lot!

He still wears Pull Ups to go to sleep at night, but he's in undies all day, including for his nap!

Occasionally he still has a nap time accident, but he usually wakes up and tells me immediately.

He never has poop accidents anymore... praise God, that's the most disgusting thing ever.

So, I guess he's not considered "fully potty trained" because he still sleeps with a Pull Up, but we're ok with that.  There's no rush for me.  Honestly, I'd rather wait for him to be ready than push the subject and have 3am wake up calls that include me having to change bedding.

I'm proud of him... and he's proud too!
my big, handsome boy!
Now, Jonas is next.  He's beginning to show signs that he's getting ready.  He tells me as soon as he poops and wants to be changed immediately.  He also tells me when he pees, although he calls it ca-ca too.

I'm not really mentally prepared to tackle this all over again, so I'll be holding off until December, I think.

More than HIM being ready, I need to get ready!

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Anonymous said...

That is great! Big Yeay for Marco! Wish I could say the same for Bastian... He wasn't ready 'till Febuary to start potty training. Everything went great: he got the hang of it pretty quickly and for about 2.5months we had almost no accidents (always pipi). But then Finn started crawling, pulling himself up and cruising the furniture... Bastian started to poop (!!!) his pants again. First is was a occasionaly, but after a couple of weeks it was every 'poop'. It should 'fade out' again, but it has been a frustrating couple of months so far. We miss you!

Danielle-Marie said...

I am SO off to read your tips. Hannah will be 2 tomorrow and we're already potty training her, because she's shown interest in trying. Landon is 3 and refuses to even SIT on the potty most days. Ugh!

Danielle-Marie said...

I just browsed through and remembered you were the one who recommended the Potty Training Boot Camp book for me...which I did read. Problem is Landon acts almost afraid of the toilet/potty.

Anyways, good for Marco. That's really awesome he's doing so well! I wouldn't be in a rush to have him out of nighttime pullups either.