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It's that time again!
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Here's what has PINspired me in August!

1. Melt In Your Mouth Chicken Breast
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I made this the other day for dinner.  Yes it was good... everyone ate it up.  But of course it's good... you coat the chicken breasts in MAYONAISE!  How could it NOT be good?  That said, it's not healthy at all... so I wont be making it again.

2. Lasagna Cups

I loved this recipe.  First of all, it's not much more time consuming than making a regular lasagna.  Lasagna is always an involved process... unless you pick up a Stoffers one!  But I loved this most of all because it was ideal for left overs.  Super easy to just take out one lasagna cup, heat it up, and eat it up! Perfect portions!  And it was a little crunchy on top... mmmmm.  This is also a good one to make 2 recipes of and freeze one for a later day.  Note: I used cupcake liners instead of parchment paper.

3. Brownie Batter Dip

This was pretty good.  It tasted best with strawberries.  I'll definitely be saving this recipe for a girly party... probably wouldn't last long!

4. Plastic Bag Holder to Organize Wrapping Paper

On my last trip to IKEA, I picked up one of these little guys for less than $2.  I haven't put it up yet, but I have it ready to go in my storage closet!  I'm ready to make my new house organized!

5.  Make Your House Smell Delish

This did smell pretty good... but for MY nose, it wasn't strong enough.  I don't think I have a very strong sense of smell.

6. DIY Bracelet

This is going to be one of our MOPS crafts next month so I had to make a prototype so I'd know how to instruct the other ladies.  On the site, it says it takes 10 minutes.  Maybe it would if you're an expert crafter... for me it took more like half an hour.  It's hard to make the loops the same size throughout and you have to continuously scrunch as you go, but other than that, it's pretty easy. And once it's on, it looks really pretty!  I can't wait to show my MOPS moms!

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Callie Nicole said...

I like stronger scents too, especially for my house. And I love the bracelet! How pretty!

Helo said...

Amazing Nicole, love these foods...lasanha cups??? thats very good idea!!!!