Raising Boys (Points 16-20)

Today I share with you the final 5 points from the article about raising boys.  It's been so fun sharing with you MY take on these 20 points... from what little I know in the 3 years of being a boys' mom.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments throughout... it's been really fun!

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16.  You Will Struggle With Gender Roles
Ummm, not so much.  We go to all-girls-houses and they will gladly play with pink dolls and kitchen sets... and it doesn't bother me one bit.  In fact, one of Marco's favorite games is to pretend he's cooking... and I love it!  Real men cook, amen?  That's about all I'm gonna say on this subject for now...

17.  You Will Revise Your Wedding Fantasies- and Be Fine With It.
Yes!  This was a bit of a heart breaker for me when we realized that Jonas would be a boy and then when we learned that he would be our last.  More than a wedding fantasy was the dream of having my little girl be my best friend.  I stil get teary eyed to think about it.  But I know that it's ok... it's God's design for our family to be this way.  I'm just praying hard for God to deliver us two amazing beautiful and loving brides for my boys... and that they can be the daughters I never had.

18.  Boys Sometimes Need to Hug It Out.
Marco is a tough guy... but he still needs his Mama to kiss his ay-ay's and hug him when he's overly tired or cranky.  Jonas loves snuggles and hugs and kisses all the time!  Marco always wants to be with his Daddy, but when he's sick, it's me he wants... YES!  The other day he was fevered and sick and I told him to go lay with Daddy and he said, "Noooo, I want Yoooouuuu"... oh yeah... mom wins!

19.  You Will Throw Away Tons of Clothes
So far we've been lucky enough to not have to throw away TONS of clothes, just the few jeans with holes or shoes that are worn through the soles.  But a lot of shirts we've been able to pass down to Jonas and even donate them after that... sure, they're a little worn and faded, but still totally wearable.  We figure that if Jonas is just going to damage them further, why bother getting all new clothes?  Especially when they're mostly used for parks and play dates... no need for the fashion show.  But I know that as they get older, the less we'll be able to pass down.  That's ok, because as previously discussed, boys clothes are cheap! ha!

20. Boys Love Their Moms
It's true... they sure do.  While they're all about Dad too, there is nothing like Mom.  I pray that as they get older I'm able to nurture our relationships so that they know that no matter how old they are, they can still come back to rest in my arms.

They are my boys... dirty, stinky, sweaty, scraped up, snot-nosed boys... and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Erin said...

As a girl mom, I've loved this series! #17 kinda made my heart hurt a little - but I think that their wives will be AWESOME daughters! Especially since you'll be a cool mother-in-law and not one of those nasty witches :)