Color Continued

A week and a half ago, I shared with you the colors we chose for our house.  We chose them hastily and we were under the clock... we had to get them then and there because people were going to be meeting us in the morning to help paint, and it was only one hour till Home Depot closed.

We painted the very next day.  We had 8 people over to help and each person tackled a different room or color.  The orange looked beautiful and crisp.  The brown looked smooth and warm.  The main color was perfect for bringing it all together.  

In my room, at first we were afraid that we chose wrong, but after painting it all, it looked incredible!  The dark wall is so chique and bold.  We love it!

But I we made a mistake in choosing one color. The bottom color for the boys' room.  I wanted the room to be dark blue on the bottom, creamy tan on top with a white chair rail in the middle.  But when we applied the blue color, it wasn't right.  It was BLLLLUUUUUUEEEEE!  And then, when Mauricio told the guy at the counter that it was for the boys' room, he suggested we get a semi-gloss finish so that it's easy to clean.  But that made it super shiny and changed the color from the swatch drastically.  It looked like a classroom.

It was wrong.  Every time we walked in there, we hated it.  So we debated, and debated for over a week on what to do.  Mauricio was tired of painting and spending money that we already spent, but I was not happy leaving it in a way that we hate just for $35! (Because a gallon of paint is about $35).  I was insistant that if we didn't change it now, before we moved in, that we'd have to live with it for a while.  And then to paint it after we move in would be a mission... it's much easier to paint with no furniture in the way. 

Yesterday morning we woke up and headed to Home Depot to buy more paint and change the color.  But this time Mauricio wanted to go with a green bottom.  
While I love green, and Marco says "green is my favorite", it does kinda ruin my plans for a rocket room.  

Now I'm completely stumped as to what to do in their room.  I've been browsing and I can do a "woodsy theme" but I'm afraid that they'll outgrow that quickly.  I can do a "dinosaur theme" but I personally am not fond of dinosaur stuff.  And then I thought of a "soccer theme".  I honestly don't know.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! 

We also picked out a simple color for the office, since we don't have any bold pieces for that room yet.  We chose this one:
Once those two rooms are done, and if we are happy with them, all we'll have left are the bathrooms.  

I'll get pictures to post some time next week, once everything is dry and looking good!  


Christy Dawson-Rodriguez said...

We love the blue we chose for Lucas' room. Its kinda sleepy, but still looks beautiful when the light hits it. Despite the name "boudoire blue" we think it looks perfect for our nautical theme.

Helo said...

Nicole, eu gosto demais do verde, é relaxante! uma boa cor para quartos infantis! voces acertaram! quanto a déia do Futebol, acho perfeito, ainda mais que eles tem familia brasileira, hehe, é verdade! não vejo a hora de ver tudo pronto!
beijos a todos!